Bicycle Tours Tokyo

Tokyo, NOT in the guide book !

Savor Tokyo Biking Tours like locals.

Bike & Explore wonderful highlights AND discover fascinating neighborhood where tourists never visit.

Double your surprise with Bicycle Tours Tokyo !

Bike & Discover fascinating local places

Get around like a local.  Dig up ‘Come as you are’ Tokyo !


Just after 10min biking from main street, you can discover tiny shrines, small market, Japanese style houses, etc in local residential area.  All of those are not in any guide book.


You will be surprised at the contrast of modern and local atmosphere in such a short distance.

Bike & Explore  wonderful highlights


Bicycle Tours Tokyo?

Small group limited to 5 people!


Most of other bike tour companies in Tokyo deal with 10 to 20 participants just in a tour.


Meanwhile, we are a cozy group.

So, you can savor your bike tour with RELAXED atmosphere and enjoy EVEN MORE SPECIAL experiences with us.


Riding a bike with Bicycle Tours Tokyo is an ideal and unique way to get around Tokyo !

We will bike & explore historical & cutting-edge highlights like Meiji Jingu, Aoyama cemetery, Roppongi Hills, Zōjō-ji temple, Ginza, Imperial palace, etc in one day.


Get your lunch box at local supermarket and enjoy it at waterfront with panoramic views of Tokyo Bay.


And…Finish your tour at the top of skyscraper !

…At the time of writing there is less than 30 reviews, but that's because this business has been around for only three months so far.


All reviews, without exception, are 5 stars.

It is well deserved -

I wholeheartedly recommend this tour!


Written on Oct 2016

by our guest from Sweden



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