Bicycle Tours Tokyo

Tokyo, NOT in the guide book !

Gaku  (Gakuto Miura)


I was born and raised in Tokyo.

I love outdoor activities  especially Mountain Biking.

That  led me to mountain bike  down from Everest base camp.


Let me share some of my experiences that brought me to set up Bicycle Tours Tokyo.


Every time I finished an adventure trip in foreign country,  I always enjoy biking around the cities.


Beautiful structure, wonderful garden, etc... they are really worth a  look around. I do love to see those.


And, thanks to the mobility of bike, I could find a totally different world just 10min away from main streets.


Kids are playing on the backstreet,  people are buying daily necessities in local market, alleys are snaking .... There, I can feel down-to-earth vibe.


There is nothing touristic.  Just everyday life and I felt like I blend in with them!

These are not  in the guide book.


Public side and private side, both worlds on the same day,that was a very thrilling experience I'll never forget.


That's why I started Bicycle Tours Tokyo.

Now is your turn to savor these fascinating moments here in Japan.


Anyway, l'm looking forward to biking with you!


* My hairstyle was dread rock.

*I had been an office worker in central Tokyo.

*Mountain Bike Experience in North Vancouver

*Surf experience in Ventura, California

*Snowboard experiences from the top of Mt.Fuji

Introduction of other staffs will be updated soon.



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