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Bike tour : All About Tokyo


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Meeting Place Details

Public face and private face,  you can bike & experience both worlds on the same day !

Shinjuku area

Tiny shrine on hidden lane,

 View from Top of Skyscraper


Harajuku area

Meiji Jingu, Local shrine & temple, Omotesando(sophisticated shopping area), Aoyama cemetery


Roppongi area

Roppongi Hills, Buying bento(lunch box) @Local supermarket, Zōjō-ji


Shibaura area

Lunch @Tokyo Bay front w/ beautiful view of Odaiba


Ginza area

A world-class shopping district, fascinating backstreet


Imperial palace

Moat of Imperial palace, Watch towers of Ed castle, Stone wall of Ed castle

Available on: Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Saturday,Sunday
(Min 1 person, Max 5 people)
Duration:6.5 hours 8:50-15:30
Fee: 17,000yen/person
Inclusions: tax, bike rental, guide, helmet
Exclusions: lunch
Meeting Place: Tokyo Opera City (B1F)
Directly connected to Hatsudai station.
See "Meeting Place Details" tab.
Acceptance Mark

Some places we'll explore

Approx. 20miles (32km)


The course we will bike is various mixture of glittering main streets, quiet backstreets, snaking alleys and attractive hidden paths.


passing through

brief stop


Shinjuku at a glance

This charming, diverse district centered around Shinjuku Station, which serves the most passengers in Japan, includes the shopping area and the business area.


Shinjuku is the center of Tokyo culture, and it is continuously developing. One of the district’s landmarks is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

In this area, we’ll explore →

Start biking around here !

Tiny tiny local shrine

Harajuku at a glance

You can enjoy the best of both worlds in these locations: Harajuku, a hotbed of youth culture, with its affordable, fashionable items; and Omotesando, which has a more mature atmosphere, with its rows of designer boutiques.


In this area, we’ll explore →

Meiji Jingu

Local shrine


Aoyama cemetery

Roppongi at a glance

The many stylish commercial complexes and restaurants make this a must see sightseeing spot. Many visitors from overseas come to Roppongi, giving it an international ambiance.


In this area, we’ll explore →

Roppongi hills

Local supermarket


Here, we will buy local lunch box !

← Zōjō-ji ↑ ↓

Ride through this gate !

Can you believe 2 photos on the right are  just 5 min away ?

Shibaura at a glance

The area that opens onto the waterfront offers enjoyment for view of Odaiba Area where full of shopping facilities.

You can feel of Tokyo Bay’s sea breeze.


In this area, we’ll explore →

Newly developed Biz area

Enjoy lunch around here!!

With view of  rainbow bridge

Ginza at a glance

A world-class shopping district on par with Oxford Street in London and Fifth Avenue in New York. Another appeal is the selection of top grade cuisine that you can get your fill of.


In this area, we’ll explore →

Main Street


Imperial Palace  at a glance

Marunouchi(name of this area) is the geographic centre of Tokyo and its top draw, the Imperial Palace, is the city’s symbolic one. The neighbourhood is a high-powered business district with dozens of glossy skyscrapers.


In this area, we’ll explore →

Back in Shinjuku



Visiting places may be omitted or replaced because of operational reason. The guide will explain in that case.

We will ride through the gate!

We will ride some of the way around the moat.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

We'll climb up to top of this skyscraper !


We can see Mt.Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, and where we ride all the way.

Share your memories with great view.

Getting there...   Easy as pie!

Directly connected to station.

Tokyo Opera City (Basement 1st Floor)

 is directly connected to Keio New Line Hatsudai station EAST exit.

By Train:


*From Shinjuku station(Keio New Line) to Hatsudai station*

Keio New Line (south entrance of Shinjuku station.

It can be shown  as " Keio Shinsen".  But, NOT Keio Line.)

Catch any train on platform #4(all trains bound for Sasazuka) .

Hatsudai station is the first station from Shinjuku station.

Just 2min ride !

Hatsudai station sign on the platform       ↓

1. Hatsudai station platform

 Pls check pink circle says East exit.

2. Once you get off the escalator, turn right

3. Through the ticket gate, and you'll find the escalator soon.

4. Ride on the escalator

5. You can see meeting place from here.

6. Almost there


7. Meeting place !  -  Just 1 min walk

    No worry, there is no side street on the way from east exit.




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