Bicycle Tours Tokyo

Tokyo, NOT in the guide book !

What kind of bicycle do you provide?

Do I have to be in great physical shape to ride a bike?

21 speed cross city bike

W/ a flat handle bar

W/O a high riser handle bar and a basket

Suitable between 4'9"(145cm) and  6'3"  (190cm)


For children

21 speed Mountain Bike

W/ a flat handle bar

W/O a high riser handle bar and a basket

Suitable between 4'1" (125cm) and 4'11"(150cm).

Moderate level of fitness is required.

If you can comfortably ride a bicycle in the city, you will unlikely have any difficulty.

We ride over a distance of approx. 20 miles (32 km) which is mostly flat, except for some inclines.

We ride at a leisurely pace around 6-9mph (10-15kmh) and make frequent stops.


But, please be aware that you should be comfortable cycling in a city on BUSY roads.
If you are not used  to riding in close proximity to a lot of traffic, we highly recommend you not to book this tour for your safety.

What should we do with our lunch?


We don't have bikes with child seats and trailers.

We do not provide lunch in our tours since everyone has different taste for food.

We will drop by local super market where tourists hardly visit and buy lunch box, side dishes, etc.

They accept VISA, MASTER, AMEX,  Diners, JCB. You can usually get a decent lunch around $6-7 USD. Or you can bring your own,if you want.

Then we will ride to waterfront and enjoy our lunch & view of Tokyo bay !

Do you cancel tours on rainy days?

Is there any age limit?

We may have to cancel our tours depending on weather forecast.

We will send you an email if the tour has been canceled by 7am of the morning of the tour.

In this case, we will refund you 100% of the tour fee.


Please note that the rainy day tours also maybe canceled because of really bad weather such as Typhoon and snow.

Minimum age is 12 years.

U18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Maximum age is 69 years.


We may check your ID(s) for age verification.

The participants should be at the age of 12 to 69 on the tour date.

If not, we are afraid that the person/people won’t be able to join the tour.

In this case, no refund will be issued.

What should I bring?

Please wear comfortable outfit good for exercise.

Since a bike has no basket and you'll bring your lunch box, please bring a backpack, a messenger bag or alike.

We lend you a helmet(s). Helmet use for bike riders is not mandatory in Japan. However, we recommend it for your safety.

What kind of insurance do you have?

We have medical insurance and personal liability insurance. Please note that the insurance benefit is not enough to cover all your medical expense and personal liability expense when it needed.

We also recommend you have your own travel insurance from your country that widely covers your risk.

Do I need to book the tour ?

When and How do I pay?

Yes. Prior booking is required.

You need to make a reservation by 2 to 180 days before the tour date, if it's available.                  Please check the availability on Book Now page.

Our tour is small group limited up to 5 people to maximize your personal experience.

So, our tours are always likely to be booked out about 30 days before the date.


Attractions may be omitted or substituted due to operational reasons.

Acceptance Mark

After you've submitted the booking form, we will send you PayPal invoice within 24 hours, if available.

The payment needs to be done within 24 hours. If we will not be able to confirm your payment by then, your booking will be automatically deleted.

With the full payment as the deposit, your booking will be confirmed.

If you won't get an email from us within 24 hours,

the date won't be available.

 Please note: The payment is valid only for the tour date.

I've submitted the booking form / sent inquiries, but no response. Anything wrong?

There may be cases that you or your ISP may be using a "spam" filter that inadvertently blocks the email sent from our address. We reply to your booking & inquiries within 24 hours  (including Saturday and Sunday). If you experience any delay or have not received any reply, please check your Junk folder first. If you still can not find our e-mail, could you kindly let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you !

What is your cancellation policy like ?

If you cancel your tour 3 days prior the tour date, you won't be charged anything.

Cancellation 1-2 days before the tour date will be charged 50% of the tour fee. Cancellation on the day of the tour or no-show will be charged 100% of the tour fee. The deposit will be applied to the tour fee or cancellation charges.

If we cancel the tour because of rain or bad weather, we will issue you a full refund.

Please email us ASAP when you decide to change your plan.



You can check the availability on Book Now page.