Bicycle Tours Tokyo

Tokyo, NOT in the guide book !

Bike tour : All About Tokyo

Tokyo Govt. Building

Meiji Shrine

Roppongi Hills

Imperial Palace

Local Shrine

360° View from Top of Skyscraper

Available on:

Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Saturday,Sunday(Min 1 person, Max 5 people)


6.5 hours (8:50-15:30)


17,000yen /person


Shinjuku - Tiny shrine on hidden lane,

                   View from Top of Skyscraper


Harajuku - Meiji Jingu, Local shrine & temple,

                   Omotesando, Aoyama cemetery


Roppongi- Roppongi Hills,

                   Local supermarket, Zōjō-ji


Shibaura-   Lunch @ Tokyo Bay front


Ginza -        A world-class shopping district


Imparial Palace - Watch towers of Ed castle, Moat

Public face and private face,  you can bike & experience both worlds on the same day !

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Bike tour : Explore Neon Tokyo

Kabukichō - Shinjuku

Shibuya Crossing

Golden Gai - Shinjuku

Local Shrine in Shinjuku

Local Shrine in Harajuku

Local Shrine in Shinjuku

Bike & discover contrast between glittering neon Tokyo and down-to-earth Tokyo !


Available on:

Monday, Thursday                                 (Min 1 person, Max 4 people)


2.5 hours (17:50-20:30)


10,000yen /person


Shinjuku -  Kabukichō, Golden Gai,

                    Hdden path of local neighborhoods,

                    Local shrine (Hanazono Shrine)


Shibuya -   Shibuya Crossing


Harajuku - Takeshita-dōri street,

                   Local Shrine (Tōgō Shrine)

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